The Many Faces of Anxiety

***TRIGGER WARNING***  This post contains lots of descriptions about panic and anxiety which may cause distress.  Please note that this blog is only one person's story of their experience of anxiety. There is no right or wrong way to feel with anxiety and it's important to note that different people experience different symptoms. If you… Continue reading The Many Faces of Anxiety


Why men need feminism for their mental health

In a long overdue response to the University based fiasco on the 'Overheard at Durham Uni' Facebook group, Kirstin Stevely shares her opinion on the controversial debate between advocating meninism and whether or not feminism already serves its alleged purpose. Recently I, and everyone who follows the ‘overheard at Durham’ page, have heard the male… Continue reading Why men need feminism for their mental health


Eating Disorder recovery: Kirstin’s story

Hi everyone! Eating disorder awareness week has come around again, and as I am re-joining the Heads Up exec (yay!!!), seems like a good time to write something. I don’t want to write about how horrible eating disorders are, because it’s something that kind of goes without saying. I suffered from bulimia through most of… Continue reading Eating Disorder recovery: Kirstin’s story