The Exec


Heads Up is run by an executive committee comprised of students from Durham University. However, we welcome suggestions and volunteers. If you’d like to get involved, just drop us an email.

Meet the team!

41554484_453005721855501_7533486509651918848_nOlivia Fleetwood | Co-President | 3rd year | Anthropology & Sociology

“I got involved in mental health awareness as it’s a very important issue in my own life as well as the lives of many people I love. Heads Up was a massive help to me while I was going through a difficult transition period into university and I want to help others through the creation of peer support groups as well as continuing to raise awareness of the importance of student mental health!”


Bridget Demaine | Co-President | 3rd year | English Lit & Philosophy

  “Mental health matters – that’s a message that’s especially important fr students. I’ve been involved with Heads Up since my first year and when I’m not raising awareness for mental health I also enjoy napping, painting and coffee shops!” 

41809285_236101263736316_3382414542351892480_nTula Wild | Vice President & Treasurer | 3rd Year | English Literature

“You’ll most likely find me curled up in bed with a book, sketching, or Skyping my dog. I have a huge passion for raising awareness of mental health, and I hope that through Heads Up we can help more people feel supported through their journeys. Kindness is key!”

Harriet Alice | Treasurer | 3rd Year | Combined Arts – French, Spanish and English Lit41801882_237500046924527_562880671303860224_n

“I’m so passionate about removing the stigma attached to mental health issues and truly place so much value on the power of student groups such as Heads Up to do so. My hobbies include traveling, reading and running.”


Kirstin Stevely | Fundraising Officer| 4th Year | Combined Honours – French, German and English41616245_2036476849743666_2287160245073477632_n

“I’m so excited to be this year’s fundraising officer for Heads Up. I’m passionate about student mental health as I know from first hand experience how difficult the transition can be, especially for those suffering from mental health difficulties. My hobbies include running, writing, singing and eating hummus.”

Zuzanna Piskor | Publicity Officer | 2nd year | MLAC – French and Italian

41606956_2092212864371008_125750595112927232_n“When I first heard of Heads Up, it baffled me how little outreach a student association lobbying for an issue which touches every single student at the university has. I want to make it my mission in the following year to give Heads Up the recognition and popularity it deserves – in between headbanging and attending ArtSoc meets, that is.”

Mary Bradshaw | Social Media Officer | 2nd year | MLAC – French and Russian

Carys Robins | Chief Blogger and Social Media Officer | 4th year | MLAC – French41522509_1095424553941817_7718337920637075456_n and Italian

“I got involved in Heads Up 3 years ago and have loved every part of being part of such a wonderful community during my time at university. Mental health awareness is something I’m super passionate about – I really struggled in my first year at Durham and I hope to prevent others from feeling this way by sharing my experiences of recovery. I am also involved with ‘Time to Change’ and work for the Student Minds blogging team. If anyone has any questions or just wants to talk please drop me a message!” 

Sarah-Leanne Phillips | Campaigns’ Officer | 4th Year | MLAC – 34118837_10156444688579700_5491897775710797824_nFrench and Spanish

“My passions in life include dog-spotting, going to music and comedy gigs, memes, food and yoga <3”


Ophelia Flanagan | Campaigns’ Officer | 3rd Year | Geography 41705164_498273690641047_3815252202457399296_n

“I joined Heads Up in my first year at Durham after being surprised at the lack of information and help available for anyone struggling with their mental health. It’s really exciting to be part of a group where everyone is so passionate and determined to raise awareness and tackle the stigma associated with mental health issues.”

Louise Tilly | Peer Support Officer | 3rd Year | Liberal Arts

“I’m known for exceptional clumsiness and daily cries over dogs. In terms of mental health, 41552554_2181270808758655_721482801248993280_nI’ve been volunteering with organisations since I was 15 and I’m really passionate about my work. Peer support in particular is something I think everyone should have access to and I’m so excited to have a hand in ensuring its success this year :).”

Elena Lee | | 3rd Year | Combined Honours in Social Science (Sociology and Economics)

“Take care of yourself before you do of others, and a spoon of ice 41787147_333116993931225_4080775911148879872_ncream is a good place to start!”